3.5 3.5 with Support for Visual 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010 (Including Express Version) is available. Get your favorite Reporting tool for .net for a special offer.

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Please fill in your Email Address to download the Trial: 3.5 is an easy to use and rich reporting tool for .net developers. Export your reports to PDF, Excel or CSV. Build simple or complex reports with Data Fields, Images, Sub Reports, Charts, Calculated fields and more. Integrated from within Visual Studio or standalone for WinForms and WebForms projects. Easily customizable to connect to any data source. Runtime customization through Event handlers. And the most important, excellent support. Try it out and use it in your projects. We are here to listen and help to your comments, feedback and questions.

Seamless Designer 3.5 provides an integrated designer within Visual Studio 2015, 2013, 2012 and 2010 (Including Express Version with a standalone designer). The designer has a familiar and easy-to-use interface. Work within your development .net projects (WinForms and or use the standalone designer.
Royalty-free Controls 3.5 viewer comes in two flavors: One as a Winforms control and the second as an server control. Fully written in C# and works in both local and GAC. Create your reports using the designer and attach them to the viewer controls to process them and view them. The controls are event-driven and can work with virtually any data source.
International Support 3.5 is fully Unicode and can work with virtually any language in the world. Whether you want you reports in the provided viewer, or export them to PDF, you will get you localized reports in your favorite language.
Easy-to-Use tool 3.5 is not just easy to use, but also rich in features. If you need a tool that is not complicated and light-weight but yet does the job for you, then ReportMax is the answer. You can get up to speed after reading a couple of tutorials and the event-driven logic will enable you to customize the tool according to your needs.
Connect to any datasource 3.5 uses OLEDB as a native data connection framework so it can connect seamlessly to any OLEDB provider. If no provider is available, then you can override that behaviour and use your third-party or any private data access method. As long as you provide the data into a DataSet, ReportMax can deal with this data and bind the controls to it.
Export to Multiple-Format 3.5 can export reports to PDF, CSV or Excel. It is a matter of a property set or a function call. Whether you are working from the Web or through your WinForm application, you can view your reports in your favorite format. A custom viewer is provided with ReportMax to view the reports outside these formats. This viewer is customizable and you can personlize it according to your application.

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